Why Russia’s obligation to install a plug in all its petrol stations is an eco-deception?

This week interesting news comes from the vast Russian Federation. The Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, announced that they will be different steps towards a more efficient mobility and to a more sustainable use of resources. So, by decree, all gas stations in Russia will have to install charging stations for electric before November 1, 2016 . That is, they will have more than a year of time to carry out necessary reforms. And why this is a eco-deception?

According to The Moscow Times, the share of electric cars in Russia is so insignificant that even could certainly speak of an electric car market. Autostat estimated at 500 the number of electric in movement in Russia . A ridiculous figure if we consider that one of its western neighbors, Norway, there are more than 50,000 electrical operation.

In 2014 only 140 electric cars were sold in Russia . And this year the figures are even worse. In the first half of 2015, they have sold less than 50. With these figures in hand it seems that Russia would take more than plugs at its stations to promote the use of electric cars. The problems most commonly mentioned buyers when an electric rule are its cost, and the need to withstand very extreme weather conditions in winter, which in Norway – whose winter weather is also very adverse – has not led to major problems .


Without a minimum standard of power connectors compatibility, etc., a charging point that could require hours to recharge the battery of an electric over tens of kilometers, is useless, or promotes electric buy, or will be useful for users of electric cars.

But the idea of ​​forcing gas stations to install a charging point is, with all of the law, a great deception .

Beyond the cost may pose to service stations in Russia, a charging point, without more, it is useless in a petrol station. Consider that we are not talking about points fast charge, as the Supercharger network of Tesla, and not even have established protocols use some power requirements, nor the type of connector to be supported . So these charging points could fit the bill and require 7 to 8 hours to proceed to full battery recharge your car. Something that makes that in practice these charging points useless.

Moreover, in a country like Russia or even has a market electric car itself, would work only strategies to promote the use of electric cars in the city . And the best strategies are those that we have seen in Norway. Russia would favor more the electric car if bonificase clients with tax breaks, give them facilities like complimentary parking meters and priority access on dedicated lanes, or even would bet by the installation of public charging points in the streets of their cities.

think that a charging point, without more, in each station will service Russian customers start buying electric cars is an absolute nonsense.

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