Why set fire to a Tesla in Norway?


gradually, it sheds some light on the mystery. This Tesla Model S had been purchased only two days by its new owner, having acquired through the program of employee’s of the mark, and I had a year from its first registration. We take it for granted that they will return the money.

The owner went to a supermarket to do some shopping, and plugged the car to a supercharger. The car came out blazing shortly after. The investigation did not conclude the cause of the fire, but has been given a no-cause: the supercharger was not the trigger of the fire, originated in the car.

Although the authorities have the matter settled, Tesla is still looking for the source of the problem. In addition, of the 2.5 million of recharges that have been made, no car has come out on fire. The previous problems that you have experienced these cars was due to strong impacts on the low, something already solved.

it was Not possible to extinguish the fire of the car as the firefighters were not provided with the adequate resources for that type of fire. To be a fire due to electrical causes, can not use conventional water. The fire was confined to prevent the fire from spreading.

As the car was completely churruscado, it is very difficult to pinpoint the specific point where it started the fire. Tesla will give you more information when it completes its own investigation