Why some sports are limited to 250 km/h?

Memory of a small boy when he ran to see the marker of that car that had just parked in the plaza of my village. I can not forget as hallucinated when I could read 260 km/h or even 280 km/h in the instrument cluster. With time I realized that the speedometer was not in all cases related to the maximum speed, and despite scoring 240 km/h that car in most cases would not reach the 210 km/h. In this case, all models of which we speak exceeds the 250 km/h, but for some reason are limited to that speed. The reason? Continue reading…

Even if you think it is today when more importance is given to the environment, the commitment by the organic world is born several decades ago. Although, it is true, that up until this new century the governments of different countries have not passed regulations more restrictive, which is why he was born the dreaded for the purists “downsizing”. In Germany, back in the 70s, various groups lobbied the government to hardened the laws on the protection of the environment, giving birth to organizations like The Green Party.

This same organization claimed that the contamination of the country was directly related to the speed on the Autobahn, the well-known German autobahns where there are speed limited. The Green Party demanded to put a maximum speed limit on this type of pathways, a request that ultimately was not approved. Despite this, the companies dedicated to the motor world took note, and organized different meetings to reach an agreement.

even Though things would not be so simple and had to spend about ten years for the agreement to be made official. In just a decade, the maximum speed of the German cars had increased significantly, with cars like the BMW M5 E28 was rolling at high speed on the Autobahn. This did not increase, fearing because it will affect significantly to the mortality in road. In 1987, he decided to limit the maximum speed to 250 km/h, by coming to an agreement with the leading brands in the country, BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen.

despite the fact that the Government of Germany saw with good eyes this proposal and thanked the manufacturers for this initiative, many claim that it was not so much a matter of social responsibility. This version ensures that the manufacturers decided to reach this agreement to “remain silent” to the parties, ecologists, in addition to to avoid being identified if the fatalities increased significantly. And is that the aforementioned brands competing to launch models faster, a competition dangerous. In the same way, this initiative would avoid that finally the authorities restrict the speed on the Autobahn.

Not all the brands have signed the covenant, being the case of Porsche, that does not limit their cars to 250 km/h. In that time, the German brand of sports had a limited supply, and their cars searched without ceasing to be among the sport’s most rapid. Also, there are certain models such as the Audi R8 V10 Plus or the Mercedes-AMG GT with no limitation, a decision of the trademark to avoid losing in the fight against their enemies. And is that if you fight against Ferrari or McLaren… the maximum speed is key.

Precisely, the first brand that launched a model limited to 250 km/h is the only brand that stays more strict in this sense. The BMW 750iL of the year 1988 came up to the 300 HP, enough power to pass the 250 km/h. The limitation is made electronically, the same medium used today.

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