Why spend the marks of the WRC the free time?


As in any category, the work between proof and evidence is invisible. The formations evolve in their different factories and locations, although in the case of the WRC that work crystallizes normally in test, that before or after they are detected by the fans. Keep secret a day of testing is almost an impossible task, so you know what it does each brand is quite feasible. In total, six manufacturers have projects underway around the World Rally, so there is no time for rest. But, to this day: what is the focus for every manufacturer?

Volkswagen Motorsport is reference. The current Polo R WRC is the car to beat in the World Rally and with small tweaks, it will be the same model that will compete in 2016. This allows a margin of maneuver greater than the German manufacturer. In fact, it is the only brand that has started to test solutions in relation to the technical regulations for 2017. Marcus Gronholm has already been uploaded on the mule testing of the Polo R WRC current solutions aerodynamic of the new technical regulations. In short, go one or two steps ahead of the rest.

Citroen is now the manufacturer of the unknowns. The
evolution of the Citroën DS3 WRC has been positive, but not enough to
reach out to Volkswagen. It is not yet clear whether they will continue in the WRC from
2017. Must decide between a rally or WTCC. In case of continue in the
WRC, the brand should not delay in starting work on the Citroen DS3 WRC
with technical specifications of 2017. To the couple, the PSA group needs to improve its
R5 in terms of reliability
. The request of the DS3 R5 and Peugeot 208 T16 R5.


Hyundai Motorsport is the manufacturer pluriempleado. The pilots
officials of the hyundai brand have completed numerous tests with the
Hyundai i20 WRC 2016, more stable and fast. This model is
built on the version of five doors series and the first
tests indicate that already improves on the i20 WRC’s current remarkable way. According to
finishing the test with this model and to pass its approval, technicians
Hyundai will focus on the i20 R5
, vehicle for the
careers-customer that will be homologated by mid-2016. From
there, the brand will focus on the regulations in the World Rally Car of

M-Sport is the other manufacturer with multiple objectives.
Well it is true that the Ford Fiesta RS WRC has undergone its greatest evolution
mid-2015, but the preparer of Cumbria shall overcome some
changes in his World Rally Car for next season, details
minimum. The Ford Fiesta R2T is also a new wedge, so that the
immediate efforts are focused on the new version of the Ford Fiesta R5.
It was the first to have a vehicle of this category, and at the push
of their rivals, the Ford Fiesta R5 Plus is on the way.


Skoda Motorsport is the manufacturer ‘inactive’. The new Fabia R5 has been
become the reference of the category WRC2 and is the vehicle to
beat between the RC2. After two years of intense work, the brand
Czech almost you can spend to reap the fruits of your excellent work,
as a replacement to the Fabia S2000 is a true winning machine.
Although the brand has plans in the Championship of Asia-Pacific and in
the ERC, today, it is the manufacturer with the official program in the World
-although not with a World Rally Car – that’s less work they have ahead of them.

last manufacturer is Toyota, a worker in the shade
. The japanese brand
has announced his return to the WRC for the season 2017. He began his
work with a Yaris WRC according to the current regulations, but being
aware of the technical changes
that they were going to do in the face of the year
of his return. Now the team is in a stalemate because
mainly to the ‘discrepancy’ between projects and resources to
use by Toyota Motorsport (TMG) and Tommi Mäkinen, the person who is
at the helm. today, there are more questions than answers in this