Why the hell crashes to the ground Kia minivan?

Kia just launched a new global advertising campaign, in which Kia Grand Carnival crashes the ground . A collision led an atypical crash-test . Recall that these safety tests are carried out on the ground, with a horizontal shock. A freefall of 12.6 meters and a movement perfectly timed to the crash occurs at 56 km / h, 35 mph in the frontal crash test conducted by the NHTSA of the USA.

US stamp minivans and shows us why crash test need constant evolution

We are therefore faced with a peculiar and striking campaign advertising, we will not see in Spain, where this model is not sold. The new Kia challenge is to convince customers of the safety of their carriers, a quality particularly appreciated by the users of such vehicles Family Court.

Recall that, in recent years, minivans also have faced in the United States has been widely criticized for the results obtained IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) to slightly changing the angle of collision with a rigid barrier in frontal impacts of their tests. Which showed two things, that the safety of these vehicles was not high enough to withstand certain impacts, and that manufacturers had managed to adapt the security of their vehicles to crash tests, not some common accidents.

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Kia has also provided a making of from this shoot most peculiar, who demanded even create a model of a vertical city.

For that you use Google Chrome, even you can see the impact choosing a camera angle of 360 .

On the other hand it is funny because it is definitely not the norm, that a manufacturer to crash his own car in an advertising campaign, much as its aim is to show that the damage suffered is not so important.

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US stamp minivans and shows us why crash test need constant evolution

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