Why the hell enters prison the owner of this Bugatti Veyron water?

years Ago, this incident. It all happened in 2009: Andy House rode with his Bugatti Veyron just released next to a lake, in the south of Texas. Suddenly, a pelican flying low, crossed in front of the car, scaring the driver and causing precipitase the lake with their car. A story picturesque, that has ended up leading to judgments that have been elongated for nearly three years and that has ended with the driver of the Veyron in prison. You poor man, she loses her car and ends up in jail! Not so fast, gentlemen.

Andy House was the owner of a scrapping of supercars, whose parts are responsible for resale.

What happens when you pilot a supercar of 1,001 HP, with a sale price higher than the million dollars is that draw too much attention to. In an era in which everyone carries a camera in their pocket, it is difficult to escape the scrutiny of others. And is even more difficult to escape the all-seeing eye: Internet. A video shot from another car reveals as the car rushes to the lake, without brusqueness or corrections to the steering wheel… and without a hint of pelicans. Suspicions began at that time.

apparently, Andy House had bought the Veyron for a total of around a million dollars, a very good price, coinciding with one of the flashpoints of the economic crisis in the U.S., Said the drive by a value of 2.2 million dollars with the Philadelphia Insurance. After the plunge in the lake, left the engine running, that ended up being unusable the water from going into the intake. Why not shut down the engine as soon as the car dived into the water? More questions, and each time, more suspicions.

As well says the wise Spanish proverb, “drops before a liar than a lame”. In the age of Internet, much, much earlier.

When your insurance company saw the video, your doubts about House only grew. The driver of the Veyron was recognized then that he was looking for his phone in the car, got off track and ended up with the car stuck in the lake. With a credibility weakened, Philadelphia Insurance denounced him for attempted insurance fraud. House was intended that the insurer declared the car a total loss to collect the juicy compensation and step, win more than a million dollars. Damn camera phones, right?

last year, Andy House acknowledged in a judgment of guilt in the “accident”, admitting that his intention was to defraud his insurance company. The prosecution asked for 20 years in a federal prison. What 20 years? It was discovered that Andy had even tried to convince a well-known for that “I stole” the car and I prendiese fire. His well-known he was smart and did not accept. The final penalty has been commuted to “only” a year in a federal prison, for having been convicted of fraud.

Will have to return the $ 600,000 that the insurer had initially advance and when he gets out of prison will be three years under surveillance. Last year, according to Jalopnik reported, was to sell a Ford GT crashed with documentation suspicious and a painting very believable.

Source: Jalopnik
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