Why the hell lit the burner next to the hose while it was filled up?

Is the video with the most controversial of the week. Million reproductions all over the world, countless jokes about a situation that, much less one of us should take a joke, and heated conversations in Reddit and Digg. What the hell does this driver with the burner while it is repostando to cause a fire? That is the big question.

These days, there has been a heated debate, some insults, and jokes various, Reddit and Digg, to unravel why this driver turned on the burner next to the hose.

theories began to emerge. It does not appear that this is the best way to commit suicide, although according to the result of the action could well be that the objective. In any case, it would have been a suicide murderer, because the protagonist has not only endangered his life but also that of other customers of the gas station.

There are those who thought that perhaps you used the cigarette lighter to see with greater clarity, in a moment in which the lighting seems to be improved. But still, that explanation is still not convinced.

it Was a comment on Reddit which led us to find a more plausible explanation, although it remains incomprehensible if we take into account the risk faced by this conductive roller. At the beginning of the video and see how it uses your cigarette lighter to heat the key. The snow and ice on the road and the back windshield are a very clear indication that the temperature outside is really low, and that car has been exposed to the elements. Those so extreme conditions can cause a lock to remain locked, which can be resolved by momentarily heating the key, or the lock, with a lighter. That is apparently what makes this conductive at the beginning of the video.

The problem is that at the time that heated up the key with the burner, the pump is already pumping fuel into the car, or at least the hose is now connected.

Apparently, after you enter the key in the lid of the tank, which is next to the hose. And it is there, when in a movement, as a minimum, irresponsible, starts to heat again the key, causing a fire whose consequences no one has been able to clarify, or Reddit, or Digg.

The problem, and one of the reasons why smoking is not allowed in a gas station, is that for the cause of a fire is not necessary or even the direct contact of a flame with the fuel. The own gases that come out of the hose and the tank when you refuel can be more than sufficient to start the combustion.

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