Why the hell Porsche produced two 918 Spyder without paint?

Porsche has already finished the production of the hiperdeportivo 918 Spyder. What they may not know is that manufactured two units without paint, both equipped with the package Weissach high-performance. One of them belongs to Porsche – and it was exposed in the Porsche Museum for a while – and the other is just put on sale in Canada. Don’t expect carbon fibre vista or transparent panels, it just has a labeling in matte black covering the body. why the hell Porsche produced two 918 Spyder without paint?

has Just finished his shooting: this Porsche 918 Spyder has just traveled 3,000 km

To beat records at the Nürburgring. It may appear that the paint of a car weighs, but it is a liquid very dense and, thanks to his absence, this 918 Spyder weighs 6,3 kg) less than its homologues. In addition, it equips the package Weissach is a high-performance, that saves 41 pounds on the base model thanks to magnesium wheels, nuts and screws of titanium or ceramic bearings for the wheels. The icing on the cake to this 918 Spyder is also in their bacquéts, wrapped in fiber, Nomex, ultra-light, saving of 2.1 kg over the conventional.

The seller claims that it is a car identical to that driven by Mark Lieb managed to take a trip to the Nürburgring a few years ago in just 6 minutes and 57 seconds. An achievement that no other hiperdeportivo modern has managed to overcome – if we do not have the Radical SR8LM, of course. The car is put up for sale for 2.1 million dollars, a price two times higher than their price of origin. Always the same thing happens with these cars, they are classics instant and revalue at the time to tread the streets.

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