Why the hell the Fiat 124 Spider european has 140 HP and the american 160 HP?

I Admit that in the flurry of news this morning, not cai in a little more detail about the new Fiat 124 Spider. This beautiful Mazda MX-5 dress Italian will be presented in Los Angeles, exuding style and announcing that, under his hood latiría a engine 1.4 Multiair Turbo 160 HP, associated to a manual gearbox of six relations. Which would be my surprise to check the websites of newspapers european Fiat and discover that in these parts, the Fiat 124 Spider you will be in the 140 HP. Why?

The Fiat 124 Spider is a MX-5 with the design and heart of italians, made next to the Mazda in Hiroshima.

there are reasons that lead one to think that the european engine and american may be different, although european develop 20 HP less. the pair also decreased, going from 248 Nm to 240 Nm to 2,250 rpm. Petrol engines like the 1.4 Multiair Turbo are also not affected in the same way that the diesel regulations, anti-pollution. The power loss is not due to technical reasons. There is No performance data yet for the comparisons, but it does not surprise me that you lost something less than half a second in the 0 to 100 km/h.


Possibly the reasons for the difference in power is due exclusively to the marketing department. The Fiat 500 have been sold in the united States with engines more powerful than in Europe, and the united States is a market in which the figure of power is a great asset for commercial. I think that has no sense to think of a agreements with Mazda to not exceed the power of the MX-5, both in the american market as the european MX-5 is offered with the engine 2.0 SKYACTIV-G with identical 160 HP.

in Addition, the character of this engine is very different to that of a small grinder turbo Italian. Maybe in Europe we don’t need a car so powerful and we perceive as a much more inexpensive a car with 140 HP that one with 160 HP. This is our theory, what is yours?

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