Why the hell the Porsche Carrera GT had a knob of wood in your gearbox?

we All know the fantastic Porsche Carrera GT. The car that was considered one of the three great supercars of the last decade – alongside the Ferrari Enzo and the Mercedes McLaren SLR – today seems anachronistic, simple, even analog. Your engine 5.7 V10 developed a whopping 612 HP, that passed to the rear wheels without filters, by using a manual gearbox. To do this we wanted to speak to you about: why the hell the Porsche Carrera GT had a tube of wood in your gearbox?

In the Porsche Carrera GT was reached to provide a knob optional in carbon fiber, but the handle is of wood it was much more authentic.

In its time, it was a car that represented the pinnacle of the technology in Porsche, with a chassis monocoque carbon fiber, an engine derived almost directly from the competition, a room full of aluminum… and a knob of wood, as in the Mercedes of our grandparents. This knob round was built in wood of birch and ash, and it was a tribute to the knob of the shift lever from the old Porsche 917. The knob of the 917 was built in balsa wood polished in round shape. Why?

porsche.917-interiorThe reason was to prevent the pilots quemasen hands with a knob conventional, aluminium. Connected to the engine, its heat is transmitted directly to the hands of the pilot and it was unbearable. After several complaints of its pilots – who had to bear the heat in long endurance racing – Porsche opted for this interesting solution. The wood insulates the heat, and in addition, it was lighter! A historical curiosity and a real nod to the past in competition from Porsche.

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