Why the Volkswagen Group will not compensate the european owners of a TDI souped-up?

few days Ago we despertábamos with the news of the creation of the TDI Goodwill Package, a large monetary compensation for 482.000 american homeowners of a car with engine TDI souped-up. The scandal was discovered in the united States, but is global. Affects 11 million cars worldwide, of which 8.5 million are circulating on european roads. And yet, the Volkswagen Group will not compensate owners. What are the reasons given by the German giant?

The affected consumers of the USA and Canada receive a compensation for car value above$ 1,000.

To begin with, let us recall what is the compensation that the Volkswagen Group offers to u.s. consumers affected by the “Dieselgate”. It is a prepaid card with$500 to spend in any type of business – a VISA prepaid – and a bonus of 500$ to spend in a dealership of Volkswagen, for example, in routine maintenance or accessories. Finally, you also receive free of charge three years of 24 hour assistance on the road. In Europe does not enjoy a single one of these advantages.


One of the arguments put forward by Volkswagen is that us consumers were wagering on a technology “Clean Diesel” innovative – almost niche – in the market, while more than half of cars sold in Europe have been diesels. Which is not to say that this scandal affects in a lesser extent, the resale value of the cars, or into our lungs. In fact, the volume of cars affected sold in Europe only heightens the damage level set.

A compensation similar to the european market would cost the Volkswagen Group to 8,500 million euros.

The Volkswagen Group also expressed that the solution for the us market is in a phase of less advanced development than the european, where the call to review would commence in a little over a month. They also contend that in Europe, many consumers receive tax incentives and pay less tax for using a car diesel – european taxation favours vehicles with lower emissions of CO2 – and in the united States consumers pay more for a gallon of diesel than one of gasoline.


Even if these claims are true, they represent a tort comparative european consumers, deceived in the same way. We should not forget one detail: compensate with 1,000 euros to every european consumer affected cost the Volkswagen Group the a whopping 8,500 million euros, an amount of money that the German consortium may not be able to afford. Let us remember that only in the U.S., they face fines that could reach a value of up to 18,000 million dollars. Must reduce expenses.

In the mid or end of December, we will know with certainty what the final solution will have each of the different types of engines affected by the Dieselgate.

Source: Automotive News
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