Why three historical rivals such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes have teamed up to acquire Nokia’s maps?

What has made Audi BMW and Mercedes-Benz – or rather, its parent Daimler AG – to join together in a common enterprise? neither more Nor less than the mapping, with an agreement that finally formalizes the acquisition, three bands, and with an equitable share of, the business of maps and localization of Nokia services HERE. A movement that reminds us of the battle, to mode arms race that is being waged in the research and development departments of the manufacturers to meet the new era of the automobile, in which the geocoding, and mapping, will no longer be a mere gadget to become the heart of our cars. Why is it so important to this decision? Why have you chosen Audi AG, BMW Group and Daimler AG to complete this acquisition?

In the age of the car connected, and at the dawn of a new technology, the autonomous car, the mapping has become one of the strategic assets more important for manufacturers.

mapping has become one of the strategic assets more important to a car manufacturer, almost as much as the control of oil, that is still depending on the bulk of the motors used in the industry; or the so-called rare earths, which are essential for the development of electric and hybrid.

The German trio identified a risk, not inconsiderable, in the fact that their main provider of maps, HERE Nokia might lose its independence due to the economic troubles that ran through the company, once the world leader in mobile telephony.


  • Mercedes-Benz has already proposed new agreements to BMW and Audi for control of another strategic commodity of vital importance in the coming years and decades, the of the batteries.

    The new generation of cars will require a level of detail, and a maintenance as exhaustive of the mapping, to ensure that independence and not fall under the conditions imposed by rivals like Google or Apple, that are viewed from the sector with some suspicion, is crucial to allow the development of technologies just as important as the autonomous car. And the reason why the car industry still doesn’t trust Google, and Apple, is not other than the fact that the technology companies are more interested in securing a strategic position in this industry, to extend some form of oligopoly increasingly flaunted in different niches in technology, or in the own handling of the information that is generated all over the world.

    the details of the operation closed by AUDI AG, BMW Group, and Daimler AG, you will know in the next few days
    . Monday is scheduled a press conference to communicate, after the approval by the competition authorities, the ins and outs of this acquisition in which the German trio has teamed up to be with HERE, the division of Nokia.

    in order To understand the strategic importance of this movement is also worthwhile to remember another possible alliance that posed a few weeks ago, Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Mercedes-Benz. Zetsche called for joining with Audi and BMW to cooperate in the development of batteries of new generation, according to a logic very specific. If in the future the mobility depends on the electric car, and different lots of electrification, we do not be the slightest doubt that control of the business of the batteries can be equated to control of the oil fields. Don’t you think?

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