Why Titanium? The Icona Vulcano will become the first sports titanium

In view of the events, there will come a day when the steel is an anecdotal material into our cars. Much remains to this day. Meanwhile, we are seeing as more and more cars that use aluminum and carbon fiber, starting with sports and luxury cars, and getting closer to the general segment. But what you say about building a sports titanium? is what has been proposed an Italian company, the creators of Icona Vulcano , which receives the tagline Titanium to remind us that is first car titanium , or at least makes more extensive use of this precious material.

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Why Titanium? When we hear this news, sometimes I think these smaller manufacturers try to have their moment of glory, look for the easy holder (see graphene and GTA Spano). With us they have succeeded. But to be honest, to use titanium in the construction of a car seems like a very interesting solution for their properties.

Titanium, although its high price may make us think otherwise, is one of the most common metal on Earth, but always chemically bound to other elements, why requires a complex metallurgical process. Commercially, different alloys, which consequently enjoy different properties are used. is a suitable material for a car?


Icona Vulcano: a new hybrid supercar come from China

Titanium is light, but not more than aluminum, or that the carbon fiber, with which it merged in the body of this car. Being very simplistic (a lot), arguably titanium has properties that would place it halfway between steel and aluminum . For example, titanium is very strong mechanically and has a high hardness alloys as much or more than steel. But above all, it is almost infallible in combating corrosion.

It is precisely this last property that leads us to imagine what they were the creators of this Icona Vulcano, to be presented in a few days at the Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach. The properties of titanium would make him an excellent candidate to show off her naked body without any paint finish, or with a light gleams primer that allows more than a disco ball. To confirm that indeed that was the excuse to use titanium, still have to wait a few days, to open its doors event at Pebble Beach. In any case, if you really want to be the first sports titanium, the version presented at Pebble Beach has to be more than a prototype. To achieve this milestone is to reach the street with this option.

The Icona Vulcano, incidentally, is a project aimed Claudio Lombardi, who once directed the development of engines Ferrari in Formula 1 in the nineties, and the Lancia Delta S4 and 037 in the eighties. This sport, to be produced in very limited series, was presented in Shanghai last year. And announced commercialization of two flavors, a V12 hybrid (950 hp) and hybrid and twin-turbo V6 (870 hp) .

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Icona Vulcano: a new hybrid supercar come from China

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