Why Volkswagen wanted us to sneak approvals to the low?


Presentation of the Volkswagen Cross Coupe at the Geneva motor show 2012

2012, Geneva. The then CEO of Volkswagen AG, Martin Winterkorn announced that Volkswagen would reduce in three years, their average CO2 emissions 30% compared to 2006. That said by the horizon of 130 g/km that must comply with the manufacturers during this year. If you did not reach that milestone, there would be fines and the fat.

Volkswagen aimed to reach 120 g/km of CO2

But to achieve such a reduction was not possible in such a short time, and the engineers were forced to cheat. According to the Sunday Bild am Sonntag, the source of the manipulation is to comply with the objectives imposed by the European Union, yes or yes.

As some engineers preferred not to give bad news to their superiors, and tell them that it was not possible, they drove the machine. Instead of admitting the reality, they did what was necessary to accomplish this goal, according to the Sunday. This coincides a bit with the official version, a few engineers renegades were the real culprits.


The manufacturer was intended to be the leader in the production of cars “green”

Volkswagen, like other manufacturers, did all that was in his hand to take the limit of the flexibility of the conditions of the approval test. Had to lower grams of CO2 as it were, even with traps and blatant as inflating the tires beyond what is reasonable: 3.5 bars.

This manipulation, let us remember, is not the same as that of the oxides of nitrogen. To reduce energy consumptions and the CO2 emissions are not only used software ready for testing, but modifications to the physical level of the car, that is to say, hardware.

Mixed diesel fuel in with the oil to lower the consumption

As you go through the research on Volkswagen, whether external or internal, are coming more dust under the carpet. Not have been lifted all the carpet yet, and that causes uncertainty for investors.

shares of Volkswagen in Frankfurt have already fallen from 100 euros per title, the loss of capitalization of the company as round the third part; it starts to be of concern.


If investors do not regain confidence in Volkswagen, its actions are not going to back up to levels of 200 euros or more

The research will progress more according to some employees go losing the fear to speak. The company already said a few days ago who collaborate not threatened his job. For years, it has prevailed in the company culture of fear.

Case apart is the research that is carried out in the united States

According to the Sueddeutsche Zeitung of Saturday, senior executives of Volkswagen and prefer not to go to the US. The researchers have withdrawn the passport to an employee of Volkswagen while I was visiting, and now can not get out of the country.

And although Volkswagen do amnesties internal, the judicial system of the U.S. and the EU is not so benevolent. There are people who will face criminal charges, and others will have to answer for civil.

Under this perspective, we should not expect it to aerate all the short-term. Meanwhile, Matthias Müller, the new CEO, says will not stop at nothing or anyone to discover the truth.