Why we pay for extras you do not use? What are the 5 extra to use less?


Manufacturers investing huge sums in developing new systems are announced, with great fanfare. Extras often expensive, coming in our vehicles, and ultimately did not use beyond that to teach the neighbor as our car park “hands”. Neighbor which, incidentally, will probably have a car parked just a system that actually never used. Are we wasting money? Why we pay for extras you do not use? What are the five most underused technology for drivers?

Five elements of all modern car should be standard

According to JD Power, in his study Vehicle Driver Interactive Experience (Drive) Report 2015 , 20% of new car buyers have never used 16 of 33 technologies that equipped your car. The five least-used technologies that most drivers have never acknowledged having used are as follows:

  • Search assistants from businesses such as restaurants and gas stations (43%)
  • Router integrated (38%). Technology for using the connection of our car as a WiFi access point to connect our mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.
  • automatic parking system (35%)
  • Head-Up Display (33%)
  • Applications integrated infotainment equipment (32%)


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Goodies recognize that more customers have never used often have to do with functions which already have their mobile phones.

Although this study has been conducted in the United States, by sampling from 4,200 owners who purchased a car this year, three months after purchase, I am convinced that could be extrapolated to Europe and Spain.

The conclusion reached JD Power is that drivers not using these technologies , such as the router, the search business, or applications, because your smartphone already has these functions . It should also be the fact that many drivers feel it is easier to use that functionality on your mobile phone in your own car, even taking into account that often are accompanied by speech recognition systems. Which should lead to many brands to rethink the usability of the user interface of their systems, and communication efforts to show the client technologies that equips the car you just bought.


Closed lists require us to give our car a lot of extras that we need not, and probably not going to use.

But why pay more for extras you do not use?

Often there is no alternative. The trade policy of each brand defines the structure of the range, lines, and equipping them. It is very common there closed lists of equipment , especially in some Japanese, so if you want a sunroof – for example – we should equip a more expensive finish line and equipped with everything a technological deployment maybe We not need. In other manufacturers, very common in German, politics means selecting just one trim level and go adding extra one to one , even systems that a priori would think should come integrated entertainment equipment, such as browser GPS , applications, or wi-fi router.

In any case, extras sold and remain important , especially when we have the need to sell a car in the spot market. That’s no excuse for that we equip a car with a lot of unnecessary extras, but for us relieve at least we think that all these extras for those who have paid help our subsequent sale easier, and the resale value is greater.

Source: JD Power
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Five elements of all modern car should be standard

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