Why you should not bring the feet out the window?

it’s hot. The air conditioning in the car does not work. Traveling back, and you think of the brilliant idea of pulling the feet out the window. You should not. This biker can get to your sides and grab your feet. On the other hand, removing limbs through the window of a car is a terrible idea. The dangers that we can face doing it, by the amount of risks that exist by exposing our body on the outside of a car that travels 120 km/h, there are many. Hazards such as circular, lying in the back seat, without a seat belt, or improperly using restraint systems.

I Still remember those trips was with my family when I was little. And how I was traveling lying down in the rear bench in a car that, in those years, had no seat belts in the rear. But very nostalgic that I put to remember it, not recommend it to anyone. Luckily, the safety of our cars has improved a lot, and that child who travels lying down, without a seat belt, can suffer serious damage, and fatal, even in accidents very mild.

Via: Mashable
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