Wickens and Hinchliffe change their cars in DTM and IndyCar


motorsport canadian has given big names and in the
today Lance Stroll has become its most important representative, with your
signing for Williams F1 and its upcoming debut in Formula 1. With everything and leaving
a side the premier category, two of the pilots canadians with more weight in the
panorama international Robert Wickens and James Hinchcliffe. The first is
pilot officer of Mercedes-AMG in the DTM, and the second one of the drivers
reference of the IndyCar series. However, these roles mutarĂ¡n for a day, any time
that Wickens and Hinchcliffe exchanged their usual mounts

Although their respective disciplines have large
differences, the two pilots canadians have organized this curious exchange
with the aim of getting to the vehicle controls from the other pilot. This
form, Robert Wickens will be flying the IndyCar driver Sam Schmidt Motorsport
it will be his first experience in single-seaters since the 2011 season, a year in the
that was proclaimed champion of the Formula Renault 3.5 and tested the car
Marussia Virgin Racing. Since then, he has served as a pilot
official Mercedes in the DTM, a category which has added five victories. The test will take place in the path short of Sebring.

For his part, James Hinchcliffe will be flying the Mercedes-AMG C
63 DTM Wickens in Italy
, in a testing session that has not yet
date nor circuit. All in all, the pilot IndyCar has a certain experience
vehicles GT, so that the pilot of the DTM should not be a challenge
large for him
. Natural Oakville (Ontario), Hinchcliffe is one of the
pilots fixed on the grill of the IndyCar series since 2011, a season in which
he made his debut in the team Haas Racing. To defend the colors
of Andretti and Schmidt Peterson has got four victories in the IndyCar.