Widening to end the Ferrari 458 Italia

From Toronto and hand of photographer Sean Taghipoor comes a new photo shoot of one of the spectacular creations Liberty Walk , a wide, very wide, Ferrari 458 Italia showing us that there is Novitec life beyond for those who want a preparation for Ferrari.

The images of this Ferrari 458 Italia vitaminado borne by Sean Taghipoor [1.99901 million]

Okay, Liberty Walk preparation does not have any mechanical additive as if we are in Novitec preparations. Here under the hood 4.5-liter naturally aspirated V8 with 570 horses remains the (remember that in the Speciale version reached 605 hp), but instead we have a brutal aesthetics.

Of course coming from the hand of Liberty Walk weaves preparing coups wheel arches and with visible screws well, but no, they are not the only additive added to Liberty Walk this Ferrari.

A new duck tail spoiler type crowns a defense where either need a new diffuser . A new heel give a good account of its side while the front we find a new splitter .

The icing on the cake comes from the hand of a new endowment tires ADV .1 .

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