Will have to pass an exam to buy the Ford GT

Ford GT conceptWhen the year was presented to the Ford GT, aroused great interest among fans. All the world expected of its marketing, this would be 2016 to commemorate the anniversary of the triplet in the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1966. However, the potential buyers already knew that it would not be easy to get with one of them. Ford announced an annual production of around 250 units at a price of around $ 400,000.

But in addition to having money, those interested in buying the Ford GT will have that pass a test. This is a test to discover the real interest of these people, because Ford does not want to see their sports locked in a garage for later speculate with them. It is clear that Ford GT has been developed for the enjoy the[customer19459005] and his driving.

Ford GT conceptThis test can be carried out online for those interested in a website that will open probably in march. Among the questions of this test will be aspects such as frequency with which you are going to use the GT, if you have owned another model of the brand, the presence of the person or his or her activity on social networks. You also have to sign a clause that committed them to not to sell the vehicle until past a certain time, to avoid this speculation.

This selection process will have to be passed for all types of customers, that you be famous does not mean that you have a special deal, said the Product Manager of Ford, Raj Nair. His main interest was to give priority to all those who are concerned about the car, your maintenance and your driving. Still unknown is the performance of the Ford GT, but are up to the challenge thanks to the engine V6 EcoBoost 3.5-liter that exceed 600 horsepower.

Source – The Detroit News