Will he win Daniel Ricciardo in the Monaco GP?

Daniel Ricciardo sonriendoRed Bull has the better chassis and aerodynamics this year. The team’s energy drinks do not have the best propeller, but they have done a wonderful job with the aerodynamics to try to supplement the deficiency of engine with its body efficiently. We have already seen how they have achieved a great victory in the GP of Spain, where it matters a lot to the whole of the car and the prick, Ricciardo kept the two Red bulls were on the podium.

Now comes Monaco GP, where Red Bull and its characteristics could make all the difference. But there is something more, not only the high downforce configuration and the efficiency of the chassis will be present in Monaco, as Renault has proven to be a great improvement of the engine at the test in Barcelona and it seems to have surprised. There is talk of a four-tenths improvement with respect to the previous specification, which would be a leap of quality important. The problem is that you only have two units upgraded for this GP.

Red Bull de Ricciardo en 2016One of them will go to the team Renault F1 and the other Red Bull. Presumably the unit of Renault, will take Kevin Magnussen for being the most experienced rider and Red Bull I think that will take car of Ricciardo. That’s why, despite the good performances of Max Verstappen, I think that Ricciardo has a plus, but there is never ruled out to Verstappen. That’s why Daniel Ricciardo will be a good candidate to win the race on Sunday. If this improvement is confirmed, Ferrari might jeopardize its comfortable second place…

So, if you finally introduce this new implementation in Monaco, although in the Canadian GP as there will be new engines for everyone, and seeing the potential of the Red Bull in spite of the weight of the engine, Daniel Ricciardo could be a possible candidate on the podium or even the victory, because here the engine has less and premium the pilot and other qualities of the vehicle, such as dynamics and aerodynamics, as well as a good traction, something that Red Bull has.