Will.I.Am does not give truce: his next victim is a Tesla Model S, which has been unrecognizable

Will.I.Am is the singer of the Black Eyed Peas. We are not interested in the characters outside the world of cars, except when they are entered in our fief. And this man has years of hunkering down in the worst possible way: doing conversions and preparations of doubtful taste on cars perfectly valid. I already did it with a poor DeLorean DMC-12 and with a Corvette of the 50s, that became this. It seems that Will.I.Am does not give truce, and his latest “graft” is this terrible Tesla Model S, which has been totally disfigured.

from the eighth minute of this video you can see this car live.

Has been a Youtuber who has discovered while filming a video uploaded in your hunter hoverboard. The car was parked and obviously caught your attention. Was unable to see that it was a Tesla Model S, but we have better eye. The car owner is the own Will.I.Am, that seems not to have abandoned the idea of becoming a sort of coach, answering to the name of IAMAUTO. Apart from a certain degree of egolatría, we suggest another line of business. Have you seen the wheels of this Tesla tuning?

william-tesla-model-s-2Yes, they are carbon fiber… and are solid, without holes. Apparently light up when the car wheel. The body has adopted a kit rather unfortunate – that widens the car by several centimetres with all security – and in the behind you have installed lenses completely new, little transparent. Something similar happens with the front, which is perhaps the most tolerable of the car. Be that as it may, the own creator of the creature for more details on this car in the future.

Source: autoevolution
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