Will there be a Hyundai i30 coupé, Audi TT Korean?

Hyundai has introduced a new generation of the Hyundai i30, its compact. A Hyundai i30 2017 that have to face a competitive segment in which the bulk of opponents is formed by consolidated alternatives, rivals such as the Volkswagen Golf or the Renault Mégane. After the first approach in the article “Hyundai i30 2017, all of the keys: this is the offensive of Hyundai against the SEAT León, Opel Astra and company”, after the first data, comes a thought-provoking track that makes us think of the idea of a Hyundai i30 coupe.

Coach is responsible to serve on a tray a suggestive image extracted from the presentation of the Hyundai i30, in an intervention of Peter Schreyer, responsible of design of the brand. In it you can see the silhouette of three models, one of them the compact that we already know.

Flanking the silhouette of the compact appears to one side a family version, something logical if we consider a market in which all competitors fight also in this category, in the family derived from a compact, as the SEAT Leon ST. At the other end of the course coupe.

Few traits may be a glimpse of your silhouette although the subsequent fall of the ceiling is obviously more marked than in the compact that we know of.

Will it be a coupe?Will it be a sedan with true coupe design?How a compact three-door to the more pure style of the Volkswagen Scirocco? we’ll Have to wait to find out.