Will there be a kit 'evo' for the GTE Ferrari and Ford in 2018?


The category LMGTE-Pro started in 2016 a huge transition, which is somewhat close in 2018. The arrival of the new Ford GT and Ferrari 488 GTE were the starting point of a massive renovation of the grill that lives in 2017 your next step with the arrival of the new Porsche 911 RSR. The circle is closed a priori to the next season with the arrival of the new GTE of BMW -is to view the model – and with the renewal of the Aston Martin Vantage GTE. Now, manufacturers who were pioneers in the rules GTE can stay somewhat out of date.

In this aspect, Ferrari and Ford value to create a kit ‘evo’ to their respective GTE. However, the regulation of the COUNCIL specifies that each manufacturer can submit an update kit within a period of three years after their approval. Both cars are within their second year in competitive. All in all, if both brands decide to take this step, these kits ‘evo’ shall be subject to the terms of the FIA and the ACO, so you must be ready for the ‘Balance of Performance’ to the FIA in September in Ladoux, since both cars should go through a process of re-approval.

Neither Ferrari nor Ford have spoken about it, although the
the program manager of the Ford GT, George Howard-Chappel, has recognized that the
kit ‘evo’ is a real possibility. All in all, the responsible of the american brand
he explained that the upgrade kit will not only become the Ford GT in a
new car with its relevant re-approval, but that his image could change
. According to Howard-Chappel, the permissiveness of the regulation allows
modify the silhouette of the vehicle and further within the technical regulations,
even if the changes affect items such as the splitter front, the shots
of air or the diffuser.