Will this prototype a good preview of the future of the Nissan Leaf?

what Someone has said Nissan Leaf? The electric japanese has just been renewed (see news of Nissan Leaf 2016), a little bit of technology and connectivity here, a battery with increased energy capacity over there (and 250 km of autonomy), and in the meantime we cannot do anything other than imagine what will be his successor. And it seems that very soon we will no longer imagine to go putting face, and silhouette, to a product that no doubt will be a qualitative leap forward for the best-seller of the electric. In the Hall of Tokyo unveiled a prototype that we may need to look very carefully in the next two years, the term in which it is expected to reach the next generation of the Leaf.

it is Not unreasonable to imagine that the prototype is illustrated in the top image, which will be presented in Tokyo in a few days, will be anticipating details of the upcoming Nissan Leaf.

Of time, we only have the picture that illustrates this article. The strokes of a compact, futuristic, lines, very bold. Nissan, for the moment, does not give too many details, it generates a buzz before its presentation in society that will take place next week. And the unique and succinct message, by way of description, that we provide is that we are faced with “a vision of future automobiles and intelligent electrification”.

it Is assumed that this prototype will be avanzándonos the evolution of a new generation of electric cars, whose autonomy should grow considerably and in the bid – worth once more as the cliché hackneyed of always – with the products of Tesla Motors. Let us remember that in the coming years, it is expected that the competition in the category of the electrical is fierce. There are few manufacturers that have already announced that in a few years will be in a position to commercialize electric with autonomy of around 400 kilometres. And that may be a first step for the electrical, once and for all, to become an alternative and more interesting for many drivers to heat engines.

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