Will we save jams and time lost the car of the future? #huyedeltrafico

Imagine a day different day, a totally different way of understanding our routine driving. How many hours we spent immersed in jams and tedious maneuvers in town? This question could soon have an answer that many of us have been dreaming years … not a second wasted driving. Although it seems that we talk about science fiction, until recently so, the connected car is real and aims to reinvent driving in all its forms to eradicate many of their problems.

We save jams and lost time?

fleet growth has not been accompanied by a parallel improvement of infrastructure .

The most applauded and current example. A Internet access point in our car and a smartphone or SmartWatch in our hand, a combination that will get us forget what it was parked . Cars capable of leaving us where you indicate and then come to pick us up with no one behind the wheel. The day at the wheel of our car is about to change, and though perhaps may sound like fantasy series’ 80s, it is quite possible that our grandchildren have to explain that not so long ago we lived in a society where endless hours wasted in traffic jams and finding parking was the most normal thing in the world.

coche-autonomo-multas-2 But with our feet on the ground and looking at the present, it is more than obvious admit that live in a busy world that has made the traffic in one of the first problems of the cities. The fleet growth has not been accompanied by a parallel improvement of infrastructure , which is forcing seek solutions in record time to avoid having to make radical decisions . This well may sound alarmist, but the reality is this, and the latest developments in automotive technology are focusing on eradicating the word congestion, especially when we know that the increase in traffic congestion impacts negatively on economic factors, of health and safety.

Soon the connection between infrastructure and vehicles will no longer be a pipe dream.

The advent of the Internet to our lives has marked a major turning point. The next step of the Net is interconnect vehicles and infrastructure to create a new network that allows to manage in the most efficient way each new trip. We speak of a very simple idea, but implementation is a challenge. The implementation of this new communication network between vehicles, people and infrastructure allow you to reach even predict events long before these not even begin to take shape to give the biggest jump known until the desired goal of zero accidents . The display of traffic conditions or incidents during the journey is just the beginning of this project, tools that already enjoy today, but gradually we will see how our car is capable of using that information alone.

Smart cars Getting from point “A” to point “B” is our daily bread , and it is right there where technology is finding a huge range of possibilities to be exploited. Relying on the study of routines and daily trips of hundreds of thousands of drivers, this new network of networks will be able to discover every day faster and more efficient way from our home to our job . There will be no plan routes, even look at the clock, the car is to come will be able to find at all times the best route and the best conditions to save time and money and also do it in the safest way.

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We already know, but conceptually, the first manufacturers who are working on the possibilities for online car . There are many applications, but all have the same objective of taking into account all how long our environment to achieve a balance that benefits us all equally. A road today suffers from its high traffic, within not too long can still endure more traffic and more securely and efficiently, controlling each of the transit vehicles in real time to adjust their operations and needs. The connected car will change the way we transport , but mostly polish all these defects we suffer today as congestion, pollution and accidents.

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