Will we see models Cupra Seat fully electric? Everything seems to indicate that…

there is no doubt that the automotive sector prepares for a major change; a change which, on the other hand, you can already see on our streets. We do not speak on this occasion of the high demand for crossover models and SUVS, but the electrification total or partial propulsion systems. Even in the supercars we find in hybrid cars. Proof of this are the very Ferrari LaFerrari or the new Honda NSX, and seeing the level of sports, what seem to you to the more than 600 BHP that pulls Tesla?

But do not, do not think that they are going to be simply a few sporadic cases, because the electric powertrains or hybrid every time you see more on our streets. According to a recent statements of Matthias Rabe, chief of R+D of the Spanish brand Seat, the future models with acronyms Cupra (the most athletic of the signature of Martorell) may have variants electrified. Have you ever been to boxes? You see getting used, because it will not be the only one and there are already some sports hybrid.

Rabe stated to our fellow Auto Express “Cupra is extremely important to us and I am totally sure that we will see versions Cupra in our electric cars”. He added that “electric cars have a performance and acceleration is fantastic. Cupra and electrification is not a contradiction”.

we do Not know, although we don’t think so, if Seat, it has in its short term plans to launch models with the “appellation of origin” Cupra-electric; but we do know that in 2019 we will see the first car Seat EV, which will be developed on the new platform MEB. Rabe also would have confirmed to Auto Express that you are looking for a autonomy of about 500 km, so that it could be used as a unique car at home, without the need of having another car for longer trips.

For its part, also we will see a hybrid soon. Rabe stated the following in this regard: “we See more potential in the vehicles 100 % electric, but we also see improvements in the vehicles with combustion engines and potential in the hybrid and plug-in hybrids”.

said, better we’re getting used to the cars, electrified. The future is near and, even though like more or less, in the coming years, mobility will change towards electrification.

Source – Auto Express

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