Will we see someday a Bentley Mulsanne convertible?

Bentley Mulsanne Grand Convertible Concept

Bentley Grand Convertible Concept

Since in the year 2009 cesase the production of the Bentley Azure, the british brand has not had in its range a great open-top derivative of its sedan representation, the Bentley Mulsanne. In the year 2012, Bentley presented a few sketches of what would be the Mulsanne convertible at the Concours d’elegance at Pebble Beach and later showed the prototype that illustrates the article, the Bentley Grand Convertible Concept.

The case is that the signature of the B-alada has now been more than four years mulling over its open-top luxury. For CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer this was a very important project, although his successor, Wolfgang Schreiber, decided to put it on pause. Now that Dürheimer, back from Audi, it is again the CEO of Bentley, things could change and finally Bentley could dare to cast your Mulsanne convertible.

Bentley Mulsanne Grand Convertible Conceptany case, the Mulsanne convertible, which it could retrieve the name Azure, it would be a model very exclusive, produced very few units. It would not be a model manufactured in series, something for which it is already late afternoon, but that would be manufactured by the division Mulliner Bentley, practically artisanal. Therefore, it would be one of the most exclusive products of the firm, which would manufacture around 20 units and a very high price. It says that you could reach in the next two years and cost about 1.5 million euros, an astronomical figure considering that a Mulsanne Speed, for example, costs € 400,000.

This would be the price of exclusivity, and with a circulation so limited it is likely that Bentley would not have any problem to sell those units. The final decision has yet been made. If the brand decided to produce the model in series, it is also likely to have some demand, right now that Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe will be manufactured and will not have a successor.

Source – Car & Driver

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