Will we see the Renault Clio RS 16 at the Paris Salon?

Renault Clio R.S. 16 concept 275 CVAt the end of the last month of may, during the celebration of the Monaco Grand Prix of Formula 1, the brand gala, we showed a concept of a Renault Clio spectacular. It was a version of high-performance, well above the Clio RS conventional, with no less than 275 horses that emanated from the engine, 2.0 supercharged, gasoline, that is to say, the engine in the Renault Mégane RS 275 Trophy.

in Addition to the engine, has a manual gearbox of 6 speeds, a limited-slip differential and a cooling system from the Mégane RS 275 Trophy. On the other hand, it also incorporates an exhaust with double exit in the rear diffuser signed by Akrapovic, 19-inch alloy wheels and a kit de ensanche quite remarkable. Yes, all of this can go in a Renault Clio.

The aesthetic is striking, very aggressive. The generous air inlets, next to the prominent back spoiler in addition to the checkered flag lighting and the aletines of the counterbore guarantee benefits and fun well above what the Clio RS normal is able to offer us.

The French company of the diamond has posted on YouTube a video of a little over a minute and a half, on this vehicle. In it we are asked if “we can imagine ourselves behind the wheel of this gorgeous”. You would agree with me that, if we had that answer, the answer would be that we prefer to live it to imagine it.

The doubt that rises up in us is if the guys from Renault will carry the model to the Paris motor show. And is that calls the attention that the brand released this video just a couple of days before the appointment in paris will open the doors to all media. I hope Renault do enjoy to all those attending the event with his Renault Clio RS 16 and, why not to ask for it, that the lance soon to the market.

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