Will you be active curfews in Formula 1, in 2018?


The controversy in Formula 1 again to be served. Ferrari lifted the hare by putting in doubt the legality of the suspensions used by Red Bull and Mercedes on the straight end of 2016. Without a resolution in firm, with the FRIC as the trendy term for the reinterpretation that have made both teams and no easy denouement to this story, a new solution is drawn on the horizon. According to ‘Motorsport.com’, the majority of Formula 1 teams would agree to the return of the suspensions active, with the objective of clarifying the confusion and draw a regulation more straightforward.

In fact, the return of the suspensions active is one of the four possibilities which manages the AIF of face-to-2018 to give a solution to this problem, since the agency has understood that is necessary a clarification of the existing regulations for this year and future seasons. The use of suspensions active would mean his return to Formula 1 after more than 20 years of absence, the whole time they were banned in the season 1994. However, it is necessary a quick decision so that his return not be delayed beyond the season 2018.

The proposal of the suspensions active would allow for the standardization of the actuators, which would put an end to the costly race current technique. On the table there is a proposal of active suspension presented by Mercedes in 2014 that would serve as a starting point. The other three options that handles the FIA pass by the hardening of the current regulation to avoid the suspensions of passive influence on the aerodynamics, set the limits of the passive systems that have an impact aerodynamics to determine which ones are legal or to maintain the current standard with checks thorough. Any of the four options marked the path to follow in 2017 and in future seasons.