Will you have continuity, the Volkswagen Beetle beyond 2018?

Volkswagen Beetle motores Volkswagen Beetle original was a success, having made 21.529.464 units between 1938 and 2003. In 1997, Volkswagen launched the New Beetle, a compact, premium retro design that sought to capture the spirit of the original model, which for decades had disappeared from markets such as Europe or north America. It was a model of true success that came until 2011, when it was replaced by the Beetle current.

Rumors circulating on the network indicate that the life of the Volkswagen Beetle, will end in 2018. A date is logical, since the current model would be a business cycle of seven years. What is yet to be seen if the model would have continuity with a new generation, something that seems to be increasingly difficult. The current Beetle is far from being one of the best selling models of the brand, and now Volkswagen could to focus the resources of a new generation of models more cost-effective.

Volkswagen Taigun Concept

Volkswagen Taigun concept

When you turn 21 years on the market the Beetle could say goodbye and the guilt would be the same forever. The SUV, which each time include more segments, are the fashion of the last few years. Started a fever with the high-end models of great size and has spread to the hoi polloi with the SUV C-segment and then the segment B. Now all that is SUV or looks like it is much more cost-effective than any other product. We are living a crossoverización of the market that is leaving several corpses in the way. The Beetle could be one of the next.

In fact, the camperización is already a reality in the Volkswagen Beetle, thanks to the Beetle Dune, though probably the “beetle off-road” is not sufficient to save the model and give a new opportunity. In addition, the scandal Dieselgate could also impact seriously on the decision to continue with the saga Beetle, as the German group will face lawsuits and compensation in the millions that can lead to the fret projects less profitable as the Volkswagen Beetle. By the time Volkswagen has neither denied nor confirmed the rumors, claiming that do not cater to rumors.

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