Williams again dominate with Paul di Resta as the fastest rider in the pits


After an absolute domination on the part of Williams in the three first grand prix of the season, Red Bull and Mercedes reacted and turned into the two faster machines in the pits during the three following races.

But in the Canadian Grand Prix, Williams returned to the top of the table with one of the pit stops of Lance Stroll, who on the race of your country got their first two points in Formula 1 to finish in the ninth position after spending much of the last phase of the race contesting for the position with Fernando Alonso.

however, Mercedes was showing more consistent that no one in the last few meetings and, gradually, it was getting closer to Williams in the general classification, both for the pilots and teams, to finish ahead of the Grove in the classification during the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan.

But in Austria, Williams reacted by returning to the run of the first races of the year, getting the two best pit-stops, and monopolizing the podium of stops faster of the year. Felipe Massa regained the lead in the individual section, while Williams increased 28 points to their advantage in the collective.

At Silverstone, Williams once again proved its strength, preventing a new brace of Mercedes in the pit lane with the stop of Felipe Massa, who in addition was the new record of the season brushing against the barrier of two seconds. At the Hungaroring, things have gone down the same path, giving the circumstance that on this occasion it was Paul di Resta -who made his debut with Williams replacing Massa – who had the honor to benefit from the parade, the more rapid of the weekend.

Note that, after eleven grands prix, Renault has finally managed to make a pit-stop fast enough as to sneak among the top ten in any of the races, something that Sauber already managed to with the stop of Marcus Ericsson in Austria.

Ranking of pilotos

Posición Piloto Puntos
Felipe Massa 142
2nd Lance Stroll 120
3rd Daniel Ricciardo 119
4th Lewis Hamilton 115
5th Valtteri Bottas 115
6th Sebastian Vettel 92
7th Carlos Sainz 78
8th Max Verstappen 59
9th Sergio Perez 57
10th Esteban Ocon 44
11th Daniil Kvyat 31
12 Kevin Magnussen 30
13th Kimi Räikkönen 27
14th Paul di Resta 25
15 Romain Grosjean 20
16th Stoffel Vandoorne 18
17 Jenson Button 8
18 Fernando Alonso 8
19th Jolyon Palmer 2
20th Marcus Ericsson 1

Ranking of equipos

Posición Equipo Puntos
Williams 287
Mercedes 230
Network Bull 178
Ferrari 119
Toro Rosso 109
6th Force India 101
Haas 50
McLaren 34
Renault 2
10º Sauber 1

Ranking of pit-stops fastest temporada

Posición Piloto Equipo Grand Prize Time (s.)
1 Felipe Massa Williams Great Britain 2.02
2nd Lance Stroll Williams Canadá 2.17
Lance Stroll Williams Austria 2.18
Felipe Massa Williams Austria 2.21
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Great Britain 2.23
6th Valtteri Bottas Mercedes Great Britain 2.26
7th Lewis Hamilton Mercedes Austria 2.29
Paul di Resta Williams Hungría 2.29
Max Verstappen Network Bull Rusia 2.33
10º Max Verstappen Red Bull Great Bretaña 2.33