Williams assumes that you Stroll will make mistakes in your first year


Lance Stroll becomes the Formula 1 with a reputation as a fast driver, but also erratic and prone to accidents. And his youth, combined with the lack of experience in single-seaters of great power-will make his debut in the maximum category, without having competed in GP2 or Formula V8 3.5-, make to believe to many that the first year of the Stroll will be complicated, especially taking into account the change of regulation.

Pat Symonds, maximum technical responsible of Williams, praises the qualities of his new pilot, and it emphasizes that “has not won the championship with anything other than with great skill and maturity. He is very young, but that he has flown really well in all conditions. Rode very well when he was leading the races. He did so well back on the grid and raced well in the rain. Is the signing ideal”, said the british engineer in statements collected by the agency Reuters.

Symonds, however, is aware of the little experience that Lance Stroll has in this type of cars, and admits that, “of course you will make mistakes and we have to repair cars, it is part of the process”. To minimize to the extent possible such a situation, Williams has prepared the canadian a program of adaptation with the single-seater 2014 in different circuits.

Following in the footsteps of Jacques Villeneuve

In 1996, Jacques Villeneuve, canadian Lance Stroll, gave the passage from the united States to the Formula 1 and, to this end, Williams prepared an intensive programme of adaptation similar to that which he is currently completing his compatriot.

The own Symonds, in a statement to Autosport, has commented that “all we can do is to see what Lance is doing and compare that data with what they did Valtteri (Bottas) and Felipe (Massa) in 2014. I am very impressed, learn the circuits very fast and that is always an indication for a good pilot. It is running very well, now it’s about learning to manage the tyres and he is currently learning how to know if what you say of the engineers is really true. You have to get out to the track and burn a set of tires and say: ‘God, I know that I can ride to the top’. Is learning”.

Claire Williams also defends the quality of his new pilot, claiming that it was chosen from a considerable list of candidates for being able to gather all the conditions that Williams needed. “we firmly Believe in the talent that Lance has, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how it will be done. We believe in your talent and that deserves your site. We had many options available, but he was one of those who really think that met all the conditions”.