Williams denies the signing of Stroll for economic reasons


Claire Williams has wanted to downplay the comments that ensure that the signing of Lance Stroll is solely due to economic reasons, placing value on the talent that the canadian 18 years of age has shown in the categories below.

Lance Stroll has a great financial support family member and that has earned him to be always in the best teams and having all the necessary tests to prepare adequately for the championship. In addition, has invested several tens of millions of euros in creating a program of test with the Williams of 2014 to acclimatize to the Formula 1 before making his debut in 2017.

Despite all this, Claire Williams has made clear that the team has chosen their riders for sporting reasons. “I Know that there have been many comments about the history of Lance and I want to make it clear that Williams is a team that has made a declaration of intentions for which you would not let financial considerations will influence the choice of our pilots”.

The Deputy Director of Williams has highlighted the talent of Stroll and his previous results in Formula 1, dismissing that is not going to prove it again in the top category. “it Has been the case this year, the money will not lead to a performance, you have talent or not. Lance has shown that he has talent and has done what he has done. You have to do your work in the coming year and what it will do to dispel the rumors”.