Williams F1 is helping to save lives of newborn babies

Wiliams PitstopThe technology of F1 not only can you take advantage of, to put it at the disposal of the cars on the street, but that can also be applied in many other fields, taking advantage of the millions invested and the time spent by the engineers that work in this competition for other tasks. One of them is the field of health care, something that has contributed much of the technology that is used in the world of competition.

well, now the team Williams helps to save the lives of newborn babies. Specifically, it is the procedure of their pitstops so that he collaborates in this noble cause. The Grove have been training doctors and nurse in the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff to help improve the technique of resurrection (resuscitation) of newborn infants, where seconds count as in the pitstops for tyre changes in each race.

Telemetría aplicada a la salud de bebésWilliams provides his wisdom to the world health to know how to manage the job fast at critical moments, helping the health workforce to implement a series of changes in its procedure to improve the care of the little ones. In addition, the medical team has copied the system of communication that is used in F1 by the team of Williams, in addition to applying other techniques such as the analysis of videos to then check the areas where you can improve in the future, as is done in the F1 teams.

If you want to know other aspects of the health in the that has helped the technology of F1 here I leave some:

  • carbon Fiber: it has served to improve the security of some cars and therefore save lives.
  • Cells survival: from this technology have been created instruments such as the BabyPod to act as an incubator and not having even a single piece of metal can be x-raying babies.
  • Design of cars: it has been applied to the design of wheelchairs to improve the architecture of these.
  • Dampers: has used the shock absorber technology of F1 to create a prosthesis for the knees of some patients who need protection in this.
  • Telemetry: the technology of telemetry of McLaren Electronics is also being used in hospitals to take vital data of the patient in real-time.
  • Suits of pilots: do return safe and sound, not only to pilots during fires, many fire.
  • Simulators: have been used in many fields, but also in rescuing people, or in other recreations of diseases to know how to act better.
  • , Etc.

therefore, the millions that are here are invested are not all in vain…