Williams has no doubt that Massa will remain competitive


The return of Felipe Massa to the Formula 1 after only a few weeks of withdrawal -which have passed since the end of the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi – it is almost a fact. The resignation of Nico Rosberg to continue in the Formula 1 did that Valtteri Bottas could be the main goal of Mercedes and Williams sought in Felipe Massa is the ideal solution to allow its pilot franchise could fulfill his dream.

Pat Symonds, now retired, said in December that it was essential for the team to have one of the two pilots of 2016, because the new regulation entering into force, it became necessary to establish a reference point on the work in 2017. In addition, with the arrival of rookie Lance Stroll directly from the Formula 3, all equipment comes with experienced drivers able to guide the team during the first phase of development of the new car.

Claire Williams, therefore, he saw Felipe Massa to the ideal substitute and don’t doubt that, finally, if it is, will remain competitive. “The heart of Philip has always been our sport. All the world said, when he joined us, ‘sure that his time in F1 has ended, sold out on their last years at Ferrari’, but came to Williams, and it seems that it came very well and became a pilot again”, Claire said in a statement picked up by Sky Sports.

The Deputy Director is of the opinion that it is important to note that Massa has not wanted to retire from the sport activity and, therefore, will continue to be motivated. “I don’t think that the look necessarily leave the sport and has already said that he wanted to continue competing. These guys have been racing since they were six years old and is in your DNA, it’s what they do. If Felipe comes back, I don’t think you lose the spirit of competition. In addition to never have a pilot light that you have doubts about your abilities to perform with us”.

Felipe Massa wanted to continue one more year in Formula 1, but Williams didn’t offer the renewal and any computer pointer made him an offer, so he decided to abandon the category. Now, with the more possible departure of Valtteri Bottas, the opportunity to continue in F1 is more open than ever.