Williams is also interested in Sergio Pérez


Williams is one of the few teams that the more options you have to completely change its line-up of pilots or, at least, one of them. Valtteri Bottas has a clause that allows the team to renew the contract for one more season, but has not yet been executed, waiting to see what options the market offers. For his part, Felipe Massa’s contract ends at the end of the season and each time it seems more complicated that Williams go to give finally the renewal.

Claire Williams acknowledged weeks ago that the list of possible pilots was extensive and that it would take your time to choose the best possible and, now, speaking to the Association of the british Press, admits that Sergio Pérez is one of the most appetizing, despite having an existing contract with Force India.

Sergio has done a great job this year, is a pilot
smart and of course he will be one of the that we have in mind
I have seen him only briefly on some other occasion. He is
charming and very eloquent, so that commercially it can be
strong for any team. Of course it’s going to be someone to
take into consideration if you are available”.

there are Several teams who want the mexican, that with their actions has become to count on to the relevant teams of the grill, after falling into oblivion after his bad year at McLaren. For Williams, the pilots selected must meet a series of requirements very specific.

“When I talk about the criteria that we are following, I speak of the talent in the car, the intelligence to talk with the engineers. And for us, as a team, independent of commercial factors that are going to play an important role in the decision-making process. we Cannot have a pilot that is unknown in the car simply would not work”.

The other great candidate for one of the seats of Williams is Jenson Button, who already has engaged in conversations with the Grove, but that has not yet taken a decision. it Basically depends on McLaren, that has to tell you if you are still with him or bet definitely by Stoffel Vandoorne. In this regard, Claire Williams ensures that you will not wait for you any of the two of you to decide and make a decision when you want to your own computer.

“we’re Going to make our own decisions with the pilots and
I’m not going to stay sitting around waiting for Ron Dennis or Jenson
(Button) decide to take I mine
. I’m not going to be waiting for
see what others are doing, it is not the mentality that a team like the
our must have. Shis would be a great story, but he must take the
that you consider most correct for him and us that
let us look more correct for the team.”

Sergio Perez is also being probed by Renault, who wants to build his team of the future with the mexican and Esteban Ocon. In addition, Perez has an outstanding portfolio of sponsors, who would replace Felipe Massa if the brazilian left the team.