Williams keeps a low profile at the Hungaroring


Williams does not cross his best moment of the season. Or in the Spielberg, or at Silverstone, the performance and the luck ended of not accompany the team, which is in a delicate situation when it crosses the equator of the championship. For this reason, the start of Felipe Massa and Lance Stroll at the Hungaroring is not done to dispel the doubts. Although both drivers have had, according to his words on a Friday to use, the reality is that none of the two has finished to find the rhythm. The management of the tires has become to generate problems in the computer of Grove.

In this aspect, and with the first day of the GP of Hungary in the pocket, Felipe Massa explained: “Was on a Friday, typical, although once more we had to try to understand the tyres and their behavior in the car on this circuit. It is clear that we did not have a great position at the end of the day, but it is something normal“.

we Had to try to understand the tyres and their behavior in the car

Quite sparing with words, perhaps as a last reflection of the complicated situation that crosses Williams before the summer break, Massa added: “at The end we only have to understand all that there is around the car so that we can improve during the weekend. I think this is what a normal day of Friday“.


Lance Stroll was expressed in terms very similar to those of his teammate in the box despite finishing both sessions in positions more delayed than what you might expect: “The day was not so bad, since we had two sessions without too many problems, something that is always positive. We are not where we want to be, but it is something, and to wait because we knew that this track would be complicated for us“.

With a discourse of self-criticism, the canadian added: “we Must keep pushing and working to be better tomorrow. The grip is quite difficult to predict with these tires, especially on the curve 11. There is pretty bad. I saw many pilots have exits there. With all and as we always do, we’re going to push as hard as we can to get the best possible result“.