Williams looks possible to plant face to the Red Bull in the race


the start of The season, Williams is still satisfactory, but not all the good that could be given the car’s potential that the team based in Grove has prepared for this season.

Felipe Massa is holding the team while his team-mate learns to get by in the Formula 1, but rivals such as Force India or Toro Rosso are knowing to neutralize the superiority of Williams with the highest office in the career and more consistency on the part of your partner’s pilots.

In any case, the brazilian has returned to complete a classification very creditable, even to beat the Red Bull’s Max Verstappen and falling two tenths behind Daniel Ricciardo. For this reason, Felipe Massa believes that plantarles face both in the race it is not unreasonable to and that the race pace at this circuit allows the team to dream with a good result on Sunday.

“it Was a great qualifying for us. It is very good to see that we are between the two Red Bull. They were better than us in the first three races, in qualifying and race pace, but this is a good track for us and we are fighting with them. I’m going to try to do everything I can, I’m very motivated and I hope that everything will go well and we have a good race.”

Lance Stroll will get something more delayed after failing in his last attempt in Q2, although you will earn a position on the grid for the penalty of three squares to Carlos Sainz as consencuencia of the accident between the two in Bahrain. The canadian driver believes that the Q3 was within his reach, and hopes that luck is on their side finally and can finish your first Grand Prix.

“I didn’t have fortune at the end, I think that it was possible to enter in Q3, but I missed the opportunity at the end of my lap in Q2. I could Not make the warm-up lap like I wanted to and here it is very important for the tyre to work correctly. I had a good start in the back and then I lost a lot of grip in the last sector, I made a couple of errors and I lost the rear. I was a few tenths above (from the time of entry in Q3), but couldn’t keep it. I Think that this weekend is quite difficult to make the tires work correctly, but we can compete from the twelfth position. It will be a long race tomorrow, we will see what happens and hope that the luck is a little more on our side”.