Williams lost to Pat Symonds and possibly Bottas

Valtteri Bottas y Kimi Räikkönen

we Already know that Mercedes is interested in Bottas. The rumor has taken hold lately and it seems that will be what the star team then, bring it to Bottas due to his relationship with Toto Wolff, and so to be the new mate of Lewis Hamilton and fill the position left by the untimely withdrawal of Nico Rosberg, which I’m sure will miss the next world cup 2017.

well, Pascal Wehrlein is good and also it is German and from the quarry of Mercedes. Do not join in contracts, to any equipment at the moment, so that at first sight is the perfect candidate. But it seems that his character is strong enough and that there could be problems with Hamilton, who is not easy. In addition to that, it is very a rookie and the team needs a rider with experience to cope with the new changes and be able to develop the car more quickly accelerated. Here comes Bottas…

thus, what is more likely is that Williams lost his pilot star, although there is talk that in exchange receive favors from Mercedes, as an engine of 5-star and possibly money. Without a doubt Massa could be back to occupy the post left by Bottas, and after the announcement of his retirement, the brazilian could go back and see it again on the grill, as did her fellow countryman, Barichelo when he returned. Already there is even talk of a bid of several million for Williams to come back.

But that is not all, and that is that Pat Symons leaves Grove, which was the chief technical officer is leaving and probably Paddy Lowe, who left Mercedes, may call in the team from british to fill the position of Pat. Without doubt this is good and bad news for Williams, as it is a large, but would a large be as well. However it is not yet known who will take his place and have to be cautious. Surely a vacation of the most eventful in the news!