Williams tab to the ex-engineer Räikkönen: Inglese


Williams has announced today the incorporation of Antonio Inglese
its engineering department, will lead the group
analysis and development.

Your main task will be to increase the performance of the
single-seater, once it is designed, something that the team has
had difficulties in the past few seasons. As the equipment itself
explains, Inglese will try to identify the strong points of the
rival teams, as well as to select the areas in which Williams
you must focus
to prioritize and direct the resources available.

in Addition, English has a lot of experience at the time of
maximize the performance of the tyres, so will try to
to improve that aspect of the competition that Williams has had
problems this year, especially in the case of Felipe Massa.

Pat Symonds, head coach of the team, commented that
“Williams is determined to continue with the positive feelings
that began in 2014 and, with this new addition to the team,
we hope to be even stronger. We are looking for ways to improve
our performance constantly, and we believe that Antonio
it will provide a valuable contribution to the process”

Antonio Inglese started his career in Formula 1 in 2004 with
Minardi, moving to Ferrari the following year as engineer of track.
In September 2013 he became the engineer of Kimi Räikkönen, before being promoted to the head of performance
tires in January of 2015
. A little over a year later,
he left the Scuderia, and now back to the activity with Williams.