Williams: “we do Not let Bottas signing for Ferrari, I promised him that I would not pass”


Claire Williams has been shown to always have a great affection professional by Valtteri Bottas, who began his career in Formula 1 with the team founded by his father and, after a four-season, defending their colors, finally has gone to Mercedes.

The deputy head of the team has acknowledged in statements to Autosport that Ferrari wanted to sign him in 2015, but she got in their way. This meant that Claire will make a promise to Finnish: do not reject the next great opportunity. “we Prevented the departure of Valtteri once, when Ferrari came to him. I promised to Valtteri that he would not seek to put myself in your way, I keep my promises. It is an amazing opportunity and it will be interesting to see how it does Valtteri this year,”, acknowledged Williams.

The team went through a period very complicated, but the arrival of Valtteri Bottas and the supply of Mercedes engines helped to change the tide and now Williams tries to get back to the place where you have been on so many occasions: at the podium. But will that happen without Bottas, who own Claire points out as an important part of the team. “Valtteri has been an important part of Williams, has the passion we look for in a pilot, because all he wants is to be in the best car and win. When you have a pilot that you know that all they want to, why force him to run in your car? It is not the right thing”, said the british, that does not hesitate to praise the qualities of who has been your pilot until a few weeks ago. “When Nico Rosberg retired, I knew that Toto Wolff was going to call me. Is a fantastic talent and has everything you need. One of their best things is that it is a great team player, very apolitical and, as a team leader, you always want someone like him that it’s not going to cause problems, he lowers the visor and going for it. It is a typical finn, very cold, calm, and quiet. I was extremely interested in going to Mercedes,”, recognized in the words to the radio station Radio 5 from the BBC.

But Claire Williams rejected completely that the movement of Bottas go to harm to the computer and says that the only authorized it because it felt that the agreement was beneficial to Williams. “We made sure that it was beneficial for us, I have total confidence in the decision taken. I think we did the right thing and I do not regret. Everyone who knows me will know that I did a good deal for this computer, and only allowed this move because it fit with the best interests for the team, everyone knows how much I love this team, how important it is to me and how much I want to win again ”, commented Claire, which is shown delighted to have recovered Felipe Massa to replace Bottas. “I’m looking forward to see what Felipe can do, oígo the eagerness in his voice again. The pressure is gone, it is your swan song and you can enjoy it”.