Williams, willing to negotiate the progress of Bottas to Mercedes


Williams begins to yield in its position, and Claire Williams is already considered viable negotiating with Mercedes about your pilot franchise: Valtteri Bottas. Their Technical Director, Pat Symonds, said recently that it was crucial for the team to keep the Finnish driver, as it was a point of reference vital to develop the car of 2017.

But, in declarations picked up by the BBC, Claire Williams considers the possibility to lose him, that yes, only if you are an experienced pilot to succeed him. “If we allow to Valtteri leave, what would we do if, and only if an experienced pilot and a credible one is available, someone like Felipe Massa, for example. Whatever the decision, it must be for the good of the team”.

Claire Williams considers it an honor that Mercedes is interested in a pilot who has grown up in the heart of Williams. “I’m delighted to see that a team like Mercedes is interested by Valtteri (Bottas) as a potential replacement for Nico. We have always known that Valtteri is one of the biggest talents of the category and we are proud that the championship leaders to recognize”, but it sends a very clear message to ensure that it will not allow a motion which would be detrimental to the interests of Williams. “however, Williams has his own ambitions, and we must make sure we give our team the most to go forward. Any change will only occur if Williams remains in a strong position to compete and evolve in 2017”.