With 8 years behind the rotary engine of Mazda is not close to production

Mazda RX-Vision ConceptWhen we Mazda was working again at a rotary engine sounded the alarm. soon he would see the light a sporty with an engine that fans longed for, a sport that own Mazda announced in the Lounge of Tokyo, with the RX-Vision Concept. What we didn’t know is that this illusion is far, so as that have no scheduled date.

In a recent statement, Masamichi Kogai, CEO of Mazda, has made it clear that the rotary engine is not close to seeing the light. In fact it has given you figures that will surprise more than desired. By now they have worked 50 engineers in the rotary engine during a period of 8 years. As is. It is a extremely long and we still don’t know when it will come to production. If you arrive.

Mazda RX-Vision Conceptindeed, one of the news progressed was that the engineers who are dedicating themselves to the development of the rotary engine at Mazda because they wanted to devote to it, do it exclusively, and that if at any time the development gets cancelled would likely have to be dismissed. Go, nor promises, as it is logical, that the project will end up coming to light.

But the question is why are they taking so damn long. 8 years for the development of an engine, taking into account that has not yet been done, it can be a very long period. But Kogai explains that the reason is nothing more than the pursuit of perfection. Could you upgrade a rotary engine already existing, with haste, to adapt to the regulations, anti-pollution, but not be the engine that searches for your client.

Mazda RX-Vision ConceptAnd in a certain way is right. The engine is so particular that it has, the more that a fan base, authentic hooligans impatiently awaiting this movement of Mazda. His arrival is especially awaited, and that is why Mazda is looking to offer the same touch and the same sensations that their old rotary and, at the same time, comply with regulations.

has Not occurred and the engine in development with the internal code 16X has still not managed to adapt to the demands Mazda and, by extension, to the end customers. In addition, Kogai anticipated that the chassis MX-5 would be chosen to accommodate this new engine, logically adapted and reinforced to support a new dose of power and torque for the sporty that will go. Now, with this in hand, Mazda leaves us with the intense expected of a lightweight sports and with a rotary engine that we don’t know when you will see the light.

Source – Autonews