With all of you, the BMW Concept Compact Sedan, the little brother of the BMW Series 3

can Be called BMW 1 Series Sedan or 2 Series Sedan? Maybe very soon we resolve this open question, but what no doubt is that this four-door sedan – that was a secret – will arrive at dealers in a few months. And we have to search you out that that idea, of a BMW Series 3-in-miniature, fascinates us. Above all by the need to interpret which way will BMW, what will be a Series 3 economic, in the style of Audi A3 Sedan? or, on the contrary we will be in a “coupe” with 4 doors, in the style of Mercedes-Benz CLA? For the moment stay with this image: is called BMW Concept Compact Sedan and is a preview, and apparently very faithful, the appearance and the spirit of the new compact sedan BMW.

The Concept Compact Sedan we anticipate the appearance of a saloon compact, four-door, intended to add fuel to the fire of the Audi A3 Sedan and Mercedes-Benz CLA.

BMW Concept Compact Sedan is presented in the Hall of Guagzhou, China. It is not a coincidence. The chinese market is unlikely to welcome with open arms a wave of compact, sedans, european, that fit perfectly into the tastes and needs of youth in the asian giant.

In any case, the final model derived from this prototype will be commercialized throughout the world. It will be a global product, interesting, and perhaps necessary to sell face your skin in the battle that is being waged by the German trio, formed by Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz.


Still a prototype, the Concept Compact Sedan passes us faithfully the traits that could have the new compact sedan BMW.

This prototype, as I already said, it has a look really eye-catching. But in summary, and except for some details that might fit in a little bit, has been presented with an aspect virtually definitive, very similar to what you might expect in that hypothetical and long-awaited 1-Series Sedan (or the 2-Series Sedan).

Your front enjoying a grill for the new BMW Series 1, with the famous kidneys, in angle, to define the horizontal area of the hood. Not missing a lengthened lighthouses, which mark the distance with the employees by the Number 1, or a generous 20” wheels to provide muscle.

But the key is, without a doubt, this prototype, we have in his third volume, in the trunk lid that makes a small 3 Series, and stands out even more with a few groups of riders rear LED very eye-catching.


Perhaps it’s aboard where BMW has taken more licenses to take advantage of the situation of the prototype, and to advocate for a design more daring and futuristic, even if it is only in regard to the lighting and decor. BMW still working on the integration of their entertainment systems, and navigation on the dashboard (in this case 8.8”), the design of instrumentations digital and the use of a Head-Up Display to make driving of their customers more secure.


it Is likely that this model, the final product derived from the Concept Compact Sedan – call BMW 1 Series Sedan or 2 Series Sedan – is present in a few months. And that in that time we know more details of a product really interesting, that perfectly may fit the needs of some customers by budget, or by not requiring as much space, not seen as buying a BMW Series 3.

Source: BMW
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