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Volkswagen Golf 2017The Volkswagen Golf has been with us nothing less than 42 years and, generation after generation, has been able to adapt to the times, appearing always as one of the models most balanced of the compact segment and one of the cars most sold of all times. The German mark informed us that makes it a week that today would be the day that we would see the new update, and we have known only a few minutes.

As expected, the changes in its exterior design are minimal, again being too much of a continuation. A recipe that is understandable, because, if something works, why change it? Where we do find improvements in the level of the equipment, in the systems of driving aids, infotainment system and also in the range mechanics, which premieres new thrusters.


Volkswagen Golf GTI

As we said, the exterior changes are minimal. The main differences with respect to the Golf current reach of the hand of a few bumpers restyled, headlights Full LED (optional) with new forms in its interior, and daytime running lights integrated, a few subsequent amendments with changes very mild and LED lighting and new wheel designs. As a curiosity, the turn signals are progressive. The exterior changes have been very content, but the best thing of this update is located in the passenger compartment, without a doubt.

We went inside and the line in the general design remains the same as in its predecessor. However, we found details and very important changes. As, for example, the Virtual Cockpit 12.3-inch. The Volkswagen Golf can be incorporated for the first time this instrument cluster is fully digital premiered in the Audi TT at the time of the launch of its third generation, and he landed at Volkswagen using the sedan Passat.

volkswagen-golf-2017-3In the center console highlights the possibility of having a large screen of 9.2 inches and high-quality control through gestures to our hand in the air, similar to the one shown two years ago by the prototype Volkswagen Golf R Touch at CES; which makes it the first compact model in providing control operations by gestures. It is responsible for handling virtually all settings and controls of the vehicle; although, luckily for drivers, the climate control is still managed with physical buttons.

will Also feature multiple connectivity systems as MirrorLink, Apple’s Carplay, Android Auto, Car-Net or emergency call in case of an accident. In terms of the assists the driving, the new compact German will improve its offer, particularly the Lane Assist up to 50 Km/h, which we will come phenomenal in traffic jams. It will also feature Front Assist, angle sensor is dead, wizard of parking exit, wizard, trailer, and a curious system of emergency stop if it detects that the driver is not paying attention to driving named Emergency Assist.

Among other optional also we can emphasize the keys with ID. Each driver keeps in its locked configuration of the vehicle, so that each time you open the Golf course, the settings are adapted to the configuration that the driver had a default.


In regards to the thrusters, the Volkswagen Golf released the long-awaited engine 1.5 TSI EVO, although we do not have news of the range diesel. The 1.5 TSI EVO boasts of being more efficient and clean than their predecessors of the range gasoline while maintaining the direct injection of fuel at high pressure and the supercharging turbo. To reduce their pollution incorporates a new catalyst in its exhaust system. Will yield a power of 150 hp and 250 Nm of torque, while will feature cylinder deactivation when the power demand is low. All these new features allow you to to approve only 4,9 l/100 km of average consumption.

Volkswagen delivers another 1.5 TSI in a version less powerful, and with surname BlueMotion of 130 hp and 200 Nm. Surprisingly, in “sailing”, the motor directly off instead of getting to relantí. According to Volkswagen, this saves about 0.4 l/100 km, bringing its consumption at 4.6 litres per 100 kilometres travelled.

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2017

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2017

The main dish is the Volkswagen Golf GTI. It is currently available with 220 hp and 230 hp for the Performance version, but this will change after the update. The 2.0 TSI of the Golf GTI goes to pay 230 cv, while the GTI Performance also increases to be placed in nothing less than 245 hp.

Volkswagen has also stated that removes the automatic gearbox DSG six gears, debuting a new transmission of seven speeds, which reduces power consumption by approximately 10 %.

Volkswagen, in his short presentation, has also announced that there will be a Volkswagen e-Golf, whose autonomy will be approximately 300 km with a single charge, though presumably we will see officially in the Hall of Los Angeles.

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