With all of you… the sixth generation of the Volkswagen Polo

finally the day has come, in which Volkswagen has unveiled the sixth generation of their product to the segment B, Volkswagen Polo. An important moment for the German firm, as the Volkswagen Polo, since it first appeared back in 1975, has not ceased to be one of the fundamental pillars of the firm and one of the utility vehicles sold in the european market.

The Polo is a car that is respected on a global level, and is that your first five generations have given so much of themselves, marketing in these 42 years no less that 16 million units across the planet, which is said soon. Today has been presented this new generation, in an event held in Berlin, pulling up all the expectation that you can be imagining. It is now a product more technological, spacious and refined. We’re going to meet him.

Longer, wider and lower than its predecessor

Since we were announcing these days that, like the new Seat Ibiza, the new Volkswagen Polo will benefit from a new exterior dimensions. In fact, the new Polo is now longer, wider and lower than before. Its exact dimensions are 4,05 metres long, 1,75 wide, and 1.44 high, with a wheelbase of 2.56 meters. Therefore, this new generation grows 8 cm length, 7 cm width and it is 1 cm lower than the outgoing model. The brand says that we will find a 1.5 cm wider in the dimension of height to the seats in front and 2 cm more to the rear.

As in its cousin, the Seat Ibiza, with which it shares this platform MQB A0, the external dimensions of length and width grow; this allows you to get a cabin more spacious and a trunk considerably larger.

exterior Design

the exterior image of The new Volkswagen Polo is quite continuist, but the designers have managed to touch the elements and features fair to you, even recognizing him easily as a Pole, to know that is a new model and not a minor update of its predecessor. It will be offered with 14 colors for your body and with 12 versions of tires.

The most noteworthy changes come in the optical lights (may be Full-LED), both front and back, the lines of tension side-to-side as we cited in the image teaser views a few hours ago, and a bumper with a fake diffuser that houses dual exhaust outlet, at least in the drive that we see in the images that correspond to the version R-Line.

The Polo is a car for young and fresh. Combines charisma and advanced technology. No other model of this size offers so much space. This makes our Polo in the compact car number one, and will continue to be the number one,” said Herbert Diess, managing director of the Executive Committee of Volkswagen.

what’s New in the interior and equipment

we do Not know if in all the versions, but at least in the one shown in the images, the main screen on the dashboard that handles all of the infotainment system is attached to the dashboard of the driver. Says Volkswagen that this is the new generation of Digital Cockpit and that the Polo is the first car of the brand and group in to release it. We assume that all of this will be reserved to the equipment higher, and, probably, also of optional form. The display of the dashboard may be of between 6.5 and 8 inches.

Among other things the new Volkswagen Polo, you can enjoy the lighting Coming Home and Leaving Home, speed limiter, system emergency braking automatic pedestrian detection, adaptive cruise control, warning of involuntary change of lane, angle sensor dead, assistant of cross traffic rear, automatic parking, opening and start, hands-free smart phone charging by induction, system Air Car Climatronic and chassis adaptive-mode driving.

Trunk very close to that of a compact

One of the most important changes of doors to be entered in this sixth generation is its load capacity. The trunk now cubic 351 litres, which is a more than considerable, and at the height of the compact less than a decade ago. The model which is still marketed today has a load capacity of 280 liters; so that the leap is quite remarkable. As we warned, would not be very far away from the trunk of the new Seat Ibiza, and so it has been.


The Volkswagen Polo will be available with diesel engines, gasoline and natural gas, although at the start of your marketing will only be offered in petrol versions; later will come the rest of mechanical. The range diesel will be composed, as far as we know, a block 1.6 TDI is available in versions of 80 and 95 CV; both with manual change of five speeds, and the most powerful available with the DSG 7.

The family mechanics gas will be more complete. We will have a 1.0 MPI with versions 65 and 75 HP, both associated with a manual change of 5 relationships. At a higher level you will see a block 1.0 TSI with powers of 95 and 115 HP, both available with the DSG 7 gears, and, of series, the less powerful will have to change 5-speed manual and the more prestacional will use a box of 6. A 2.0 TSI will be in charge of moving the Volkswagen Polo GTI, delivering 200 HP and can be associated to a manual gearbox of 6 gears, or other dual-clutch with 7. The only version of natural gas will be a 1.0 90 HP with manual change of 5 relationships.

Price of Volkswagen Polo

This subcompact B-segment will hit the market in October 2017. To your arrival, as we have already mentioned, you can only acquire with mechanical gasoline, arriving shortly after the versions diesel. It will be available with three trim levels, as are Edition, Advance and Sport.

we do Not know their price for the Spanish market, although the firm has announced that the version of access in Germany, will depart from the 12.975 euro. We’ll have to wait to know the final prices in our country but, as a general rule, are usually priced somewhat higher in Spain than in Germany. In any case, we believe that at the end of summer we’ll have the final prices, and will start the bookings for the new Volkswagen Polo.

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