With its Nissan GT-R up to the mount Everest base camp

Nissan GT-R campo base del EverestMany fans of the motor world seek to add adventure next to their vehicles at the price you need. Even when you have a sports valued at over 100,000 euros. This is the case of Kah Chuan Hoong, a browser of Singapore, owner of a Nissan GT-R that has accomplished a feat within reach of few. With it has come to the Everest base camp, which is located 5.380 meters above the sea level.

The climb up to that point, as you can imagine, is not a path of roses. This brave has had to face hard roads, on the contrary to what is ready the GT-R. For this reason Hoong decided to modify some aspects of your vehicle. This raised the height of the body, and they put a new front bumper, tires more suitable and protected their low.

Nissan GT-R campo base del Everestthrough their social networks, this adventurer has gone about his trip that started in their Singapore home and took him to the base camp of the highest mountain in the world through Nepal. When a combustion engine is facing altitudes as high often lose a lot of power by the lower density of oxygen in the air. It seems that the Nissan GT-R had no problem significant, and finally achieved his goal.

But now it’s her turn resume the road back. Kah Chuan Hoong has expressed his intention to return to Singapore driving through China, Thailand or Malaysia. He has calculated that his return will last almost a month. This is a clear example of the urge for adventure can do absolutely everything, even if you have a sport of this caliber. The important thing at the end is the desire to enjoy the vehicle.

Nissan GT-R campo base del EverestSource – Carscoops

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