With Midas Connect, you will have your car connected and always on point

Who has not gone with his car on holiday to an unfamiliar city and parked in a area suspected of being controlled by agents of mobility? Who has not gone to collect your car after a long day of errands and didn’t remember the exact spot where I had parked, and had to walk a long time until it has found? These stressful situations are more common than we imagine, but until today we could not do anything to remedy the situation.

The last time I lost the car almost gives me a heart attack. We went to the choral International Fair Grazier of Zafra in the province of Badajoz (Extremadura). To give you an idea, during the ten days that lasts this fair go, easily, with almost two million people. When we get to the different concourses enabled as parking we left our brand new car to the side of one of the poles of the high voltage.

As geographic location to know where we had parked the car we take the models that had been around and the same pole high voltage. The problem came when we went to to pick up the car about 12 hours after so couldn’t make it with him in any way. Not masters, not it’s that we were somewhat affected by the alcohol after a crazy night of farra, since who writes can’t drink it by prescription, but some failed to locate it and that is that there were several poles of the high tension in each concourse.

Taking into account that there were 7 or 8 fields of parking spaces, each parking space had an extension of a couple of football fields (1st division) and that the distance between each concourse was several hundreds of meters, the search became a small torture. In short, to find our car, we had to make a decision, go to the different concourses, and wait to be empty for once you have located the car largarnos of there.

This complicated situation we would have been easily avoided if in that moment we had had the system Midas Connect. This allows the driver to know in real-time data from their vehicle and among the many services it provides is the geolocation in real-time. Thanks to Midas Connect the driving is much more safe and intuitive for the driver will not be alone with your vehicle to any situation.

Midas Connect, it is useful to find the vehicle when we parked in an area that we do not know or if we leave it to our children or friends, because we will know at all times where they are and their behavior behind the wheel, thanks to the system ‘Car Control’. The driver will be able to know the speed that moves the car, the state of doors (open or closed), if you have left your lights on or if the battery charge is correct. In addition, you will also learn about the level of fuel you have and where are the service stations nearests your position for refills.

Midas Connect also offers a very useful tool to accidents or health problems when we are driving. In case you suffer a mishap on the road with the system we can advise our family that something is not going well, safeguarding our integrity if the emergency is of importance. But in addition, to always be connected to the car with our smartphone, we will know when you must go by the waistr to perform relevant reviews official, with the consequent peace of mind to have our car ready when you are.

operation of Midas Connect is very simple because it only requires that you have installed the device in the vehicle and through the application (downloaded on our mobile device via the App Store or Google Play) we can access the functionalities that is provided to us. Your installation is carried out in one of the multiple centers Midas that there are in our country and its price is another advantage, since it only costs 59,95 €.

once achieved the connection of the device with our mobile we will receive the information that Midas Connect offers us continuously. These services are updated constantly and in addition, it carries no monthly costs, so that in addition to being comfortable and very practical, it is economical for the user. The system Midas Connect is valid for more than 85% of the vehicles manufactured from the year 2002.

If that day had the system Midas Connect would have just taken my mobile, I would have open the installed application and had located my vehicle. Thanks to this system vehicles that have a few years behind your back not left behind at a technological level and their drivers will be able to have point-to-level mechanical and security.

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