With or without a driver, the vein of electric cars in Madrid


Citroën C-Zero of emov

Madrid is a city with plenty of pollution attributable to traffic, especially due to diesel engines. When the time does not accompany, and do not cooperate in the cleaning of the air, may give episodes of high pollution that they put in place measures uncomfortable, since limiting the speed to the car park or directly be able to circulate.

In the list of exceptions there is a group that is going to come out always benefited, cars (100% electric) , which do not produce any pollution due to exhaust gases, so that they get rid of the restrictions of all kinds. Several companies have taken note and have found a goldmine to exploit, to provide mobility services with electric cars.

In Madrid electric cars can park in the blue area, or green for free, regardless of time, as well as access to the areas shielded by traffic stream (priority areas residential or APR) or the very Great Way during these dates. For those who follow without wanting to use the public transport or the large fleet of taxis, there are several alternatives to consider.


vehicles not authorized to enter into an APR, they are fined automatically by cameras that read the license plates, unless you go to a public car park

Car2Go was the pioneer in the car sharing in Madrid, using a fleet of smart fortwo electric, which partners can use by using a mode of free, high and cost per minute to 19 cents. Everything is included: electric charge, insurance, maintenance… Only have to worry about driving, and not to park the car outside the perimeter of the M-30. Obviously need driving licence B, even though they are automatic models and small.

Car2Go is a company that is dependent on Daimler, the same parent company of Mercedes-Benz and smart, so that part of the cake remains in the house. Initially these cars were episodes of vandalism, but their presence is becoming standardized in the city and it is very common to see them in motion. The users are logged in an application, must be validated in person at the office, and drive.

The PSA Group has taken note and will launch the 19th of December a service competitor, emov, which also uses house models: Citroën C-Zero (based on the Mitsubishi i is japanese). Finally PES has found the way to sell quickly these cars, after being on sale for more than five years with very modest results. Will be available 500 units at the disposal of the citizens of madrid.


smart fortwo EV

The advantage of the C-Zero on the fortwo EV is more than evident: they can go to four people instead of two. The japanese model which derives the C-Zero is a kei-car (corresponds to segment a, that is To say, 3.4 metres long, making it very easy to find parking for them. Like the smart, it is fully automatic, and the ease of driving is maximum for a car that requires a license.

Emov compete with Car2Go with the same price, 19 cents per minute, also with free registration for a limited time, and it’s all done through a mobile application. Although these cars have more autonomy than the smart, nor can they park outside of the central core of the city, the M-30. The perimeter will be expanded later, but you want to have the cars concentrated in that area.

Car2Go and emov allow users to make journeys more competitive than public transport. For what it’s worth a single ticket for metro or bus, 1.5 euro, you can drive about 8 minutes. When it comes to two people, is the equivalent of being able to drive 16 minutes, since the car costs the same, the trip of a person or travel more. But at the margin the cost pure and hard is the variable comfort, and according to the route, time, that, too, has its value.


Uber offers a service of high range with Tesla Model S, valued at 80,000 euros each

For those who prefer to take them, or are not able to drive, have car rental services with driver. Cabify started with the BMW i3 in early autumn, initially 20 cars, and now joins Uber with a fleet of Tesla Model S. In the case of Uber, has been focused on the service to the premium range, with a laptop at the disposal of the passengers.

Uber offers the drive to the Airport Adolfo Suárez-Barajas airport for 30 euros, only 5 euros more than what it costs the flat rate of 25 euros for the taxi, but in a car much more luxurious. As in the taxis, the trail can start or end within an APR, because they have permission to enter these restricted areas.

The drivers are professionals and have a license VTC, it is all legal

Gradually these services will be gaining popularity, especially as they are slowly closing off sections to traffic, or will be putting things more ugly for the conventional cars. In the medium term, will be autonomous cars of electric propulsion which will compete with the taxi and the public transport, outside of schedules, limitations of mobility, episodes of high pollution, etc

it Is by seeing the positive impact they can have on the traffic these cars, since you are supposed to withdraw from circulation conventional cars.