With Seat will bring your equipment in any car of the VW group

Seat is going to launch a new service in which the client will have their functions contracted regardless of the car from the Volkswagen Group to use. Thanks to it you can use the browser, Spotify or other applications both on their own, like in one of the rented or a friend’s house. Even will be able to unlock features that are more tangible as heating of the seat, even though the car in the that between do not have activated.

When the client enters into a car of the Volkswagen Group you can enter your key and download all of its configuration. From that moment on, the vehicle will adapt your equipment to your preferences, including the position of the seat, the mirrors, the climate control settings, music preferences, and the locations saved in the browser.

did Your car not have one? Let put my key…

This service client id will begin to implement in the first half of 2018, as a first step toward full connectivity. “We believe that the technological changes of the industry automóviadolegarán faster than many people think.” So said the director of digital services for cars of Seat, Leyre Olavarría.

operation will allow modifications in the car such as those we have seen in brands such as Tesla. The american brand of electrical you can update the applications of your cars, add some new ones or unlock their capabilities. A good example was when they increased the autonomy of their models to help escape the hurricane Irma. In the same way, a customer of Seat you can activate a equipment as the heated seats, since even though it is not in the car, their future vehicles will have the necessary items even if you have not paid for them.

When you will the equipment online Seat

All the contracted services and the client’s preferences will be stored in the cloud. The options will be quite limited in the beginning, but will pave the way for a range of more comprehensive services that we will see in the next models. Maximum development will come with the sedan and the SUV’s electric Seat in 2020, which will be based on the platform MEB of the Volkswagen Group.

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